Friday, November 13, 2009

How to get a Facebook Tracker

So many people have been asking "How do I see who is visting my Facebook profile?". Well, I recently found out that there is a website that lets you do this! The site is called offers revolutionary visitor tracking technology for your Facebook profile. This is the only actual working facebook tracker on the internet. With this, you can track your facebook stalkers, and basically its the best Facebook tracker application out there.

A facebook tracker is a website or facebook application that allows a user to track who is viewing their profile at any moment. For example, recently I met this girl that I really like. With ProfileStalkers, I was able to find out that she views my profile about 10 times a day! :D
Even big businesses could use this ProfileStalkers tracker application to find more interested clients. Many people are interested in finding out who views your facebook. Im not sure if this uses social interaction like the other trackers do. Doesnt seem like it.

To use ProfileStalkers, begin by going to They have a demo on their website, and you can see how it works by testing it out. Afterwards, you can register and it will sync up with your facebook account.

Get your Facebook tracker!